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inspire actionable insights.

Data-driven Insights at the Speed of Your Business

In an always-on world where consumers expect flexibility, agility and the immediacy of availability, it is more important than ever to make data-driven decisions at speed.

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Connected Data for a Closer Look at Your Customers

Dynata’s permission-based first-party data, built on our relationships with those who entrust us with their information, can provide an immediate and authentic view of your consumer beyond just demographics.


Ownership, make, model, new or used


Dining, fashion, food, traveling, sports


Books, TV, online, music, films


Accounts, credit cards, insurance, investments


Computer brands, mobile devices, network providers


Domestic, international, business, leisure


Title, role, department


Party affiliation, registration status (US only)


Age, gender, education, marital status, employment status, income

In an era of personalization, nothing is more important
than painting a picture of who your customers truly are.
Think of our data as the paint to create that vision.

Enrich Your Data with Our First- & Third-party Data

Mine our core asset of opted-in, first-party data and comprehensive suite of third-party data. Connect first- and third-party data to survey data to achieve an in-depth customer view, tie attitudinal and behavioral data to the same person, improve segmentation analysis, and bridge the gap between primary and secondary research.

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Connect Your Data & Our Data with a Data Management Platform

Connect your CRM data – your existing customer knowledge – with our trusted first-party data on consumer motivations to understand the why behind the buy. You can also connect research and segmentation data to a DMP to further enhance your insights.

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Activate Your Data

Create bespoke segments and identify your ideal target audience on demand with our first-party data, research surveys and custom profiling. Increase research impact by scaling your audience across 400+ media destinations.

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Unlock What Makes Your Voters – and Non-voters – Tick

Gain an unmatched competitive advantage by generating meaningful insights on candidate perception, voter turnout, and key campaign issues. From voter history to hobbies and interests, explore the consumer and behavioral characteristics of your voters (and non-registered voters).

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Dynata Awarded Patent for Connected Data Capabilities

Our patent covers industry first-of-its-kind ability to connect first-, second- and third-party data, delivering a singular view of disparate data sets for integrated data-driven insights.

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